Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Meet and Greet

Just wait for it….

So when I originally started planning my 2018 Seniors Meet and Greet, I was seriously contemplating about just going to a Coffee shop and meeting for some coffee and Tea, but then it hit me. What would be even better ?? A party where I could hang out with each of them, take pictures and give them some awesome gifts, but it didn’t stop there.

After about 2 weeks of planning a Lily Pulitzer Inspired Meet and Greet was  created. So why Lily? I LOVE BRIGHT and FUN Colors and this is exactly what I wanted this to be! Plus, it is almost summer time so it was PERFECT!

The girls arrived and received there SWAG BAGS with lots of goodies, their REP cards ( or as I like to call it their BIG CARDS inside joke, and a little note from yours truly telling them how excited I was to spend their senior year with them. The girls sat around and talked for a few while munching on some snacks while I talked about the year and our plans or as they posted their behind the scenes pictures to WIN Lily Pulitzer giveaways(so fun). We booked tentative dates for their upcoming year and then went outside for some fun shots.

I am seriously so excited for this year and all that’s in store for these girls.

Are you interested in having your Senior Portraits done by KLP?


Dates are filling up fast.




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