Extra,Extra Seniors Read All About It

  • IMG_9465Local Photographer Joins National Search for America’s Beautiful High School Seniors

    As part of Beauty Revived, a photography movement, Kaci Layne Photography is asking for nominations for beautiful high school seniors in the SWFL area to be featured in a national magazine.

    The beauty of these seniors will not be measured by their waist size or flare for fashion. No, these seniors will be chosen because of their real beauty, their courage and their countenance. The winner will be given a free photo session with Kaci Layne Photography and a feature in the January issue of Beauty Revived magazine.

    Beauty Revived is a movement that celebrates women and children with real beauty. Photographers donate sessions to these women and their stories are featured in their magazine and website: http://www.beautyrevived.com.

    Hundreds of photographers applied to be a part of the Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Seniors campaign and Kaci Lynch of Kaci Layne Photography was chosen to find a deserving Senior to photograph.

    “To capture the beauty of a person inside and out is an art.I want to create their story through the lens, I love giving and I love being able to make someone feel Beautiful, stated Lynch.”

    Lynch will be accepting nominations from Now until the end of July and will then choose one to donate a photography session to (hair and makeup services, small gifts from local boutiques and so much more ). The senior chosen will be an example of real beauty and will have shown their beauty by their service when weary, grace in defeat and kindness when tried.

    “Lynch states, I hope by doing this campaign I get to not only learn about some of the most beautiful seniors in our area, but work with them as well”

    Beauty Revived was started three years ago as a way for photographers to use their lens for good and shine light on the real beauty that was happening in our communities. In the past few years, more than 700 women, girls and children have been featured on their website and magazine.

    “As a high school senior photographer, I started Beauty Revived because I saw the power that a photographer has in shaping perception and altering dialogue on beauty,” Michelle Gifford, Beauty Revived founder, said.

    “The photographers who participate in our campaigns not only have great technical and artistic talent but also have big hearts and a desire to be more than just a picture taker. They want to be a photographer who changes the world with their work,” Gifford said.

    For more information about Beauty Revived, please visit http://www.beautyrevived.com and to nominate a deserving Senior please email: KaciLaynePhotography@yahoo.com.

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