When I started planning the 2019 Rep Team’s Meet and Greet , I honestly had so many different themes in mind. However, after realizing I had such a big TEAM this year I had to rent a space that would fit everyone and be a good picture location.

I immediately thought of the Buckingham Community Center and Bohemian, well because it just goes. If you aren’t from the SWFL area the Buckingham Community Center is a little old house in the middle of no where, lol ( not really ) it’s just out in the country. It has huge oak trees in the back and its just a cute little place.

I didn’t get to take all the pictures I wanted because the rain decided to come down pretty hard but I will definitely be sharing what we got. The girls and guy( yes we have a guy this year ) definitely rocked their mini session. They all got to meet one another , sit around chit chat and eat some goodies.

I am super excited about this years team and what’s all in store for them. It is going to be such an amazing year.


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