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Hi Friends,

So as most of you know, if you follow me on Instagram, Last month I spent a week in Charleston,SC. Now, this wasn’t just your ordinary trip. This trip I gained new friendships, cried some tears, laughed a whole hell of a lot and ate way to much southern food, but you know what? I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Lately, I had been struggling with some things in my life. My heart just hasn’t been where it needs to be for a long time ( I wont go into detail as that’s for a later post) However, what I do want to share with you, is this amazing trip was with 20 other girls who share the passion. We LOVE our clients and what we do and want to serve them well and do everything in our power to succeed.

So the trip started on a Monday, where we entered this amazing mansion. Yes, I said MANSION. It was huge! Anything with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms and 4 kitchens is huge to me, I don’t know about you? We waited until everyone arrived and then headed for a southern cooked meal at Poogans Porch ( if you ever get a chance to go, GO!) After Dinner we headed back to the house and sat around and talked for hours.

On Tuesday, We had breakfast from this little bakery across the street ( I am seriously going to open one of these up one day) The coffee was delish and their pastries were sooo yummy. Hope Taylor ( if you don’t know her you should) instructed us with some of her knowledge and then we headed to Folly Beach for some relaxation time and food at LOST DOG CAFE. I’m not so sure we relaxed though? You find a good spot to take pictures and YOU take hundreds. After the beach we all headed back to the house, oh I mean MANSION and got dressed for a night at Poogans Smokehouse, No not all restaurants start with Poogan, just so happens to be their sister location. After dinner we headed to this ice cream shop, where I had the best SORBET ever! I am pretty sure it was called Brambleberry ( so delish) this was at Jenni’s. We then headed back to the Mansion for some good laughs and cries too.

On Wednesday, we headed to downtown Charleston, to take pictures,shop,and explore the town. Rainbow Row, The Battery, and Queen Street were just some of my favorites. We enjoyed lunch at The Oyster House ( the chicken fingers were great) hint hint- no seafood for me! After lunch is where it begins….. The Magnolia Plantation a photographers DREAM! If you love Oak Trees and Spanish Moss, this is ALL YOU! Headshots and lots of pictures were happening. The night ended with Hope surprising us with a painting party, as Blaklymade says “OH NO” when she looked at my painting. Yah it was awful. She was amazing and her painting are BEAUTIFUL. That night was cut a little short for me, but I will tell you YL to the rescue ( I’ll post more on that later,too).

So, Thursday was our final day in the mansion, we packed our things and played a little Q+A while we waited to say our “See Ya Later Friends”, as I don’t like to say “GoodBye”. It was an emotional roller coaster leaving these ladies who we grew so close to in the last 3 days.

So in conclusion to my trip I want to share with you a couple things I learned.

#1 Never feel alone!

#2 Do not fear the unknown, go out and TRY IT!

#3 Get out of your Comfort Zone and Succeed!

#4 If you haven’t tried YL , get you some!

#5 Take a trip to Charleston, SC , It’s a beautiful city.


Kaci Layne







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